Vidia Vuong

I am a Beauty Artist at heart with a passion to creating beautiful artworks for my clients. I had this love for beauty over fourteen years ago when I was a student and work part-time as a makeup artist for a well known company. 

To fulfill my parent’s wish, I went a full circle through college and earned my Bachelor of Science majored in Health Care Management. I worked for many corporations in many different tittles and experienced challenges everyday. 

Still, something didn’t feel right and I don’t feel happy at the end of the day.

When I was client, I went to multiple lash extension appointments, changing so many lash artists, spending a lot of money, and still unsatisfied for what I got. I was born and raised in Asia, so I have high expectations for all beauty services. I asked myself, how could this field grew so fast, and yet people didn’t get proper training to do the job right! Deep down I knew, I still have the love for this beauty world. So the next thing I did was getting a ticket and flew back to Asia for training with the experts.

Fast-forward to today, I knew it felt so right the day I decided to quit my corporate job to commit to do what I truly love.

Welcome to my world!

I can’t wait to meet you and be along side of your beauty journey.

Owner of Mint Cloud TBP